Everyone has photos of themselves.

Not everyone has a silhouette. They call back to when times were more simple and allow for the subject to be the focus, not to be overshadowed by the background. They're a unique way to memorialize family, friends, pets, and even buildings. Buy them for your home (I have a lot just in my tiny apartment), or buy them as a gift.

Pregnancy Shadow Silhouette.jpg

Human Portraits

We all have selfies and pictures of ourselves smiling in front of the camera, but most of us don't have photos focusing on the shape of our faces or bodies. Let's change that with a silhouette portrait. It doesn't matter which is your best side, you're beautiful either way and I want to show it!

Switch the focus from the background to you or a loved one. Silhouettes allow you to truly shine, no matter if you blinked or if you were having a really bad skin day. 

Couple Romantic Shadow Silhouette Gift.jpg

Couple and Family Portraits

Couple and family photoshoots are getting more and more complicated with their props and themes. Let's take a step back and focus on what's really important, the love and bond that you all share. Let your portraits show your connection, not the beautiful day the photo was taken.

Couple and family portraits are a great supplement to professional photos. Place the silhouette on your mantle and put the color photo on your Facebook page- best of both worlds!

Dog Body Shadow Silhouette Gift.jpg

Pet Portraits

Pets are a part of the family, yet they never have their photos around like their human counterparts. Change that by getting a custom silhouette of your fur baby to proudly display. Silhouettes are a classic portrait style that allows you to show off your pet without showing that they can't actually take a good picture.

Don't have a pet? Your best friend who is obsessed with cats would love a silhouette of each of her babies for Christmas. Why don't you get one for them?