Ordering Addressed Envelopes

Karisa Ellen Creative offers envelope addressing services for weddings, showers, parties, and any other special event you have in your life. Paper products are not included in envelope addressing services, but I would love to assist you in selecting and ordering the correct paper quality, color, and style that best suits your event.


Available Styles and Pricing

Below are the styles available for your order.


Pointed Pen Calligraphy

  • Outer Envelope (3 lines): $2.50 each
  • Return Address (2 lines): $2.25 each
  • Inner Envelope (1 line): $2.00 each

Modern Calligraphy

  • Outer Envelope (3 lines): $2.00 each
  • Return Address (2 lines): $1.75 each
  • Inner Envelope (1 line): $1.50 each

Block Lettering (Print or Script)

  • Outer Envelope (3 lines): $1.50 each
  • Return Address (2 lines): $1.25 each
  • Inner Envelope (1 line): $1.00 each

Additional Envelope Services Available: vintage stamps, envelopes, envelope liners, custom embossing, and rush orders

Pricing listed above is for black ink on light, unlined envelopes that are provided by the customer. Colored envelopes and ink can be used for a small additional fee. Due to the nature of handwritten items, I require an additional 18% envelopes be included in case of smudging or ink splatter. Contact me to see what is currently available.



I want there to be complete transparency and understanding between me and my customers. Below you will find the standard process for ordering and creating custom addressed envelopes.

  1. Contact me through the Contact page, selecting "Envelopes" as the topic, and let me know how I can help you.
  2. I will send you a quick questionnaire to complete so that I can get a better understanding of what you need. I will also answer any questions you send in your initial message.
  3. I will compile a quote, which includes your anticipated timeline, once I receive your answers to the questionnaire. The quote and an agreement will be sent for your review and signature.
  4. Once I receive a signed agreement I will send you the instructions for compiling your guest list, sending the envelopes to be addressed, and paying a 50% non-refundable deposit. Please note that work will not begin until the final guest list, envelopes, and deposit have been received.
  5. I will work to fulfill your order, as outlined in our agreement. It usually takes around a week to complete 50 envelopes, this is to ensure quality and accuracy.
  6. Envelopes will be completed two (2) weeks before you have planned to send out your invitations. I will send you a final invoice upon completion, which will include the remainder of your quoted cost and the cost of shipping.
  7. All items will be sent to you via USPS Priority within 24 hours of receipt of final payment.
  8. You will review the envelopes for accuracy and let me know of any revision requests you may have. All orders include one round of revisions.
  9. I will complete any requested revisions within the week and send them to you, ensuring that you receive them before the date you planned to send the invitations to your guests.
  10. You will have a WONDERFUL event, that goes off without a hitch!

It usually takes around 6 weeks to complete envelope addressing orders. Please keep in mind that wedding invitations are customarily sent to guests six to eight (6-8) weeks before the planned event.